The Finger
The finger jesse ventura

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Eye Color


Hair Color



Guns, Explosive Arrows, Knife, Wrestling moves, Fists.



First Appearance

A Foot Too Big

Voiced By

Jesse Ventura

The Finger is a hunter (And possibly a former wrestler) with an extra finger. He has been tracking the mythical Bigfoot for years. His mother is a shrunken head.


Season 3

A Foot Too Big: The Finger appears in this episode hunting down Bigfoot with his "Mama" (a shrunken head). He also has an extra finger on his right handsaw his signature. He often talks to his mama and she "talks" back.  He slashes Bigfoot's arm making the turtles look after the wounded animal. Later on Bigfoot falls into one of The Finger's traps. After a fight with the Turtles,The Finger was about to kill Bigfoot...until he found out she was a girl. It was love at first sight. The Finger was carried off by Bigfoot (his new girl).

Dinosaur Seen in Sewers!: The Finger made a minor cameo on a magazine saying that him and Bigfoot are "expecting [a baby]".


The Finger is a short, stumpy man with a spiked mohawk and handle bar moustache. He wears various hunting clothes.

Abilities and Skills

Strength: His body shown to be chubby but he all muscle as he able to his strength to the turtles.

Fighting Skills: Are shown to be like wrestler as he was able to take on youngest Ninja Turtles.

Endurable and Stamina: He able to endure hits from Donnie attacks from his staff and his stamina is very well from all the chasing and fighting he could he didn't shown signs of problems.

Hunting Skills: He has great weapons of explosions arrows to use to wound his prey.


  • He is a parody of the Marvel character Kraven the Hunter.
  • He nicknamed himself "The Finger" because of an extra shrunken finger on his right hand he was born with.


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