Hamato Clan
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Master Splinter




April O'Neil


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Casey Jones
Mighty Mutanimals
New Foot Clan

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Rise Of The Turtles


Season 1 (debuts) Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 (lastest only)

The Hamato Clan is a ninja clan that was headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, where it battled the Foot Clan for centuries. Its members are practitioners of Ninjutsu. The clan now has been reduced to Master Splinter, the Turtles, and several others after Oroku Saki's betrayal.  


Hamato Yoshi (Splinter) and Oroku Saki (the Shredder) were perhaps the greatest practitioners of Ninjutsu in the clan. Saki was the son of the Foot Clan leader and as an infant, and he was adopted by the Hamato Clan after the Foot Clan was wiped out. Yoshi and Saki grew up together and viewed one another as brothers until the two began to compete for the love of Tang Shen, a beautiful young woman. Eventually, Saki found out that he once belonged to the Foot Clan and felt betrayed, rebuild his birth clan, and he faced Splinter in combat and burned down his family dojo; Shen was accidentally killed by Saki. Saki effectively extinguished the Hamato Clan by turning its remaining ninjas to his side.

Splinter managed to leave his fight with Saki alive, however, and moved to New York City where he bought four baby turtles. These turtles mutated in a freak accident and gained human intelligence. Splinter began to teach the Turtles the secrets of the Hamato Clan, so it now lives on.

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