The Hammer
Hammer(tmntnick) 01

Hair Color


Eye Color



Tommy Gun,Mech Suit


The Vizioso Mob,The Foot Clan


Ninja Turtles,Mighty Mutanimals

Voiced by

Eric Bauza

The Hammer is an Italian gang enforcer  who works under Don Vizioso.


Mutant Gangland:

Heart of Evil: The Hammer was present with Don Vizioso when he had the Heart of the Shredder with him. In the Turtles fight with Don Vizioso at his restaurant, the Hammer was defeated when the chandelier was dropped upon him. During the Turtles' next fight at Don Vizioso's hideout, the Hammer battled the Turtles until the battle was crashed by the Foot Clan and Kavaxas. The Hammer tried to fight Kavaxas only for his mech suit to be ripped apart followed by Kavaxas draining The Hammer's soul out of him.


  • He is an obvious parody of Sylvester Stallone. Especially his role as Lieutenant Cobra in the film "Cobra".
    • Lieutenant Cobra chews a match while The Hammer chews on a golden nail.
    • Both Cobra and Hammer wear sunglasses.
    • Both Hammer and Stallone tend to use the phrase "Hey, yo."