The Turtle Racer used to be April O'Neil's old family truck, until Casey Jones  and Donatello snatched some Kraang technology from the Kraang Stealth Ship in the basement and turned it into a brand-new race car! It will appear in various episodes in season 3, but got its official introduction in Race with the Demon.


The Turtle Racer is an old black pick-up truck with missiles and Kraang-tech tinkered on it. In the back there is a bird cage to hold a mutant chicken with super genius abilities named Dr. Cluckingsworth M.D..


  • A red Hot Rod vehicle toy was released by Playmates Toys in 2014 with an exclusive Hot Rod Michelangelo action figure.
  • Casey hooked the turtle racer to the back of the Party Wagon when they returned to New York.
    • However, he was never seen driving it again.