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Tiger Claw
Shredder's Dreaded Bounty Hunter!

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Tiger Claw is a mutant appearing in season 2. He is a skilled assassin from Japan who is loyal to the Shredder. He debuted in The Manhattan Project.


Tiger Claw was mutated by the Kraang as a young Japanese boy and grew up as a circus performer before becoming a part of the criminal underworld. He is the Shredder's most dreaded assassin and bounty hunter from Japan. Tiger Claw has lost his tail in a duel, and is searching for the person who took it from him.


Tiger Claw appears to be an anthrophomorphic Tiger wearing bandoliers and carrying several weapons, mostly firearms.


  • He is Shredder's third hench-mutant and henchman.
  • His tail was cut off during a duel and he has been searching for it all over the world, since then.
  • He is a master of all weapons and collects them from most warriors he defeats.                                             
  • In New York Comic Con 2013, he is shown about to drop three of the turtles into a furnace until Splinter comes and they fight.
  • The concept art shows the production code "Show 213", meaning Tiger Claw will debut in the 13th episode of the second season.
  • Shredder said in Follow The Leader, that he is looking for new people for his team, but he might had meant that he will be looking for Tiger Claw.
  • He is the second character in the series to use guns. The first is Newtralizer.
  • He and Newtralizer have a few things in common:
    • They both are Bounty Hunters/Criminals.
    • They both use firepower.
  • Tiger Claw's bullet bandoliers have an "X" buckle that resembles a sideways NES controller D-pad.
  • His was swallowed by a Kraathatrogon at the end of the second part of Wormquake!, however, due to his appearance in the modified season 2 theme song and rankings in the Foot Clan , he will most likely return later in the season.
  • Tiger Claw is the second in command of the Foot Clan, instead of Karai.
  • One of his guns can shoot ice.
  • He is the first mutant to wear a jetpack.
  • It is unknown how he'll
  • He'll be wearing an eyepatch later in the series.
  • Donatello is the only turtle who has never fought or even see Tiger Claw himself.
  • It is still unknown how he is gonna survive in Dimension X.
  • He might actually be in the 1987 world as the Kraathatrogon was in the 1987 world at the end. So he might not even be in Dimension X.
  • It is possible he won't return in season 2 but in season 3.


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