The Time Scepter is an incredibly powerful piece of technology that appears to be at least partially organic and possibly sentient. It belongs to Lord Simultaneous, is coveted by Savanti Romero, and has also been wielded by Simultaneous' apprentice Renet Tilley.


In Turtles In Time, Savanti Romero attempted to steal the Time Scepter in the future only for Renet to use it to travel back in time and meet the Turtles. She then used the Scepter to banish him to medieval Europe, only for Savanti to begin tampering with history, forcing her and the Turtles to pursue him there. He then succeeded in obtaining the Time Scepter and briefly trapped Renet and the Turtles in a time loop, but Renet was able to break it using her Energy Knuckles. She also came prepared with an entropy dart in case it became necessary to destroy the Time Scepter to get it out of Savanti's hands. Fortunately, they managed to recover the Scepter from Romero and banish him again; however, while attempting to return to their own time, the Turtles ended up lost in Japan 16 years prior to the present.

In Tale Of The Yokai, Renet indicated that the Time Scepter had purposefully deposited the Turtles in past Japan in order to insure that Splinter would survive to move to New York City. The Turtles thus learned that they had always been meant to play a part in preserving their own origin. Renet then used the Scepter to take them home before departing, saying that they might meet again.


The Time Scepter possesses a number of abilities, most notably being able to transport its user and others through time and affect other matter, such as bringing the Turtles their Mazes and Mutants LARP gear.

Background Information

  • Like it's 2003 counterpart, the Time Scepter is implied to have some form of intelligence and be capable of acting on its own to preserve or correct time.
  • In Renet's concept art, the eyeball on the bottom of the staff is called "Eye of Tomorrow".

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