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Tokka is the guardian of the third piece of the Heart of Darkness and is the parent of Chompy Picasso. It is from the lava-filled planet Magdomar.


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Strength: Her size has proven to be incredible strong though unkown how strong exactly though she might be the strongest of all the characters.

Fire: Her fire power is very powerful to be able to use it to the sky to fly off.

Durable and Stamina: She was able to surrive from the explosion as it was impossible to do so though she was able to and unkown if she was damage. Her stamina is very high to travel in high speed to reach earth from many miles to search for her infant and fly back to space.

Intelligence: She might have some degree of intelligence as she was able to understand that Raphael only took Chompy because he thought that Tokka was dead. Tokka was also able to understand the bond that her infant and Raphael shared and that staying with Raphael made her son happy.

Healing factors: It might be possible she have good healing factors as she was unharmed from the bomb it could be possible she has great healing abilities.

Senses: It's also possible her sense of smell might be very powerful as she found her son on earth from many months or possible she has unique ability to of type of sense of detect her son location.


  • Tokka was first revealed at Wondercon 2016.
  • Tokka is described as a fire-breathing kaiju.
  • According to one of the producers, Tokka is both male and female.
  • Tokka's name is a reference to the super villain Tokka from the 1980's movie The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rise of the Ooze.


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