The general


20 Feet

Eye Color

Glowing Orange

Skin Color

Dark Gray/Glowing Orange


Rock Alien


Ninja Turtles/Leatherhead


The Kraang


Lava Barf



First appareance


Traag is an evil 20 foot rock alien from Dimension X who is in service of the Kraang and partners with Granitor.


Traag looks just like a huge statue made of lava and dark gray rock with glowing cracks, eyes, and mouth.


TCRI: When the Kraang's portal was opened, Traag came through. He was too strong for the Turtles to beat alone. Suddenly Leatherhead came in and tackled Traag. Leatherhead moved Traag to the portel and he and Traag were sent to Dimension X.

Showdown: He was used by the Kraang to guard the portal and is later defeated and destroyed by Leonardo.

Into Dimension X!: Traag is revealed to be part of the Dimension X guard. He along with his partner Granitor attack the turtles but are sent off a cliff by Michelangelo.


Traag can shoot lava out of his mouth which Raphael calls "lava barf". Traag is also incredibly large and strong. His rock skin is highly resistant to blows and weapons. He was able to survive a large explosion at a point blank range. Even if an attack is strong enough to damage him, Traag can literally pull himself together and keep fighting ( this is a similarity from the 1999 film, The Iron Giant.). Traag has not spoken in the show as of yet but instead roaring monstrously. It seems he and Leatherhead have a history as the gator seemed to recognize the rock monster, calling him angrily by name.




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